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Professional. Personal. Proactive. It’s more than a strapline.

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

At PM+U, we put 100% into delivering on the promise of our strapline. Here’s what we mean:


We’re a compact team of seasoned professionals, not a sprawling, impersonal corporate machine. Our clients get to deal with senior people who can make smart decisions on the spot and who respond to problems without fuss.


Great service starts with nurturing a relationship. So we dig for information to ensure we really understand our clients. By getting to know them and their tenants we can adapt our service and do things their way. For example, we might ask a client how they like being kept up to date and then communicate in a way that works for them.


We don’t disappear. We pride ourselves on being visible. We talk to tenants, chase things up, make positive suggestions and always stay in touch. And we’re committed to getting results. We regularly ask ourselves “Is there anything we could be doing better for this client?”

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