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Over the last 4 years, we have saved our clients approximately £2m, adding more than £20m of value to their portfolios. This was achieved by robustly managing the contracts, constantly challenging the value that we receive and always looking for better, more efficient ways of working. 

Cost Management

Credit control is the cornerstone on which we are measured. We hold client meetings before and after quarter dates to ensure recommendations for action are dealt with promptly. As a result our collection rates are some of highest, averaging 99% of collectable debts collected within 28 days.

Credit control

Unlike other firms, our significant experience in working with asset managers enables us to assist our clients with innovation and decision-making. We understand the complexities involved with adding value and make recommendations based on the financial payback or value added to any asset.

Asset Management Collaboration
Asset Management Collaboration

We take the time to understand tenant businesses and build relationships at every level. Regular meetings and frequent contact ensure we’re responsive to their needs. This level of trust allows us to extract valuable trading data, to achieve better payments or rent, and recommend leasing deals.

Tenant Engagement
Tenant Engagement

At times of crisis we reprioritise what is necessary and critical, working very closely with our client and tenants to micro manage such situations. The current Covid-19 crisis demonstrated how we are able to quickly adapt and support the needs of both clients and tenants in difficult times. 

Crisis Management
Crisis Management

We know how important it is for the PM+U Accounts team to have a strong, collaborative relationship with our clients’ Finance Teams to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our friendly, approachable team offers a bespoke service to each client based on their needs and preferences. 

Team Alliance
Accounts Team Alliance

We recognise the importance of good communication with our landlords to keep them informed. All clients are different and so we’re flexible to landlords’ preferences, including the frequency and format of updates.  

Bespoke Reporting
Bespoke Reporting

We often say that Property Management is Problem Management; calmly embracing challenges is part of our everyday. We work closely with clients as an integrated part of their team and alongside other experts to tackle problems efficiently and without fuss. 

Solving Problems
Solving Problems

A well-managed service charge is vital for providing a quality service at a reasonable cost. We carefully monitor costs and regularly review contracts to ensure you are receiving the best value possible. Increasing efficiencies, cost savings and maintaining excellent standards are what we continuously strive for. 

Service Charge Management

We collaborate with our clients, tenants and suppliers to help properties become more sustainable by assisting in reducing CO2, energy and waste. We are able to develop an Environmental Management System (EMS) for our clients and have been successful in securing and retaining ISO14001 accreditations. 


We ensure clients are getting the best value when it comes to their utilities budget. Simple initiatives such as aligning services to one common end-date, carefully validating invoices for correct contracted rates and upgrading to half hourly maters helps us to analyse and control spend. 

Utility Cost Rationalisation
Utility Cost

When equipment is coming to the end of its economic life PM+U can effectively manage replacement. Our approach includes an exploration of options and comparative cost analysis considering long-term returns and savings, procurement, installation management and ongoing maintenance. 

M&E Asset Replacement
M&E Asset Replacement

We proactively investigate and provide advice on initiatives to reduce long-term costs such as the installation of LED lighting to reduce on-going maintenance charges and power consumption. We provide clients with helpful cost saving information to allow them to make good, informed decisions. 

Spend & Save Initiatives
Spend & Save Initiatives

Strong procurement practises are key to increasing value, efficiency and service quality while driving down excess costs. We tender all core supplier services on a 3-year basis to ensure our clients and tenants are receiving the best possible value and standards on all services. 


Our aim is for all improvements and repairs to be carefully budgeted for and approached proactively by operating a 5 to 10 year planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedule. On occasions when repairs need to be reactive we respond efficiently and/or engage in a competitive tender process.

Repairs, Maintenance & Improvement
Repairs, maintenance & improvement
To discover how PM+U can add value to your business call: +44 (0)113 467 7031 or email:
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