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We’re professionally pro-active

Doing the basics brilliantly is just the start. We’re constantly looking for ways to save you money, make things run more smoothly and improve tenants’ lives. And because we’re not a big, inflexible corporate, our staff have the autonomy to make swift decisions and constantly improve our service. 


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Were people people

We take the time to listen to you, to really understand you and your properties drawing on years of retail, serviced offices and leisure experience to tailor our service to suit you. 


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Dedicated to your commercial success

To stay relevant and attract new revenue streams, you have to innovate and evolve. We have significant experience in helping forward-thinking Landlords and Asset management teams realise new ideas, ensuring they’re both profitable and well received.


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We’re focused on delivery

Whether that’s engaging with tenants; implementing a cost-saving initiative; solving a problem; or realising a good idea; we are committed to getting things done. Having a culture of flexibility and enthusiastic proactivity - without the constraints of unnecessary red tape - means we always deliver on our promises.




“As Chairman of the Revo Property Management Committee, I’m interested in where the industry is going and sharing the latest ideas with our clients.”


Carl Foreman

Managing Director


“We really get to know our properties, our landlords and tenants. We find out how they’d like us to work together, the amount of contact and information they find helpful and even what they find annoying!”


Christian Dalby

Head of FM


“Innovation is key for both cost-saving and revenue growth. Landlords can’t afford to be left behind.”


Daryll Bunce

Director of innovation


“Ensuring there’s synergy between our finance team and a client’s is essential. We listen and collaborate to provide reporting that is relevant and truly helpful.”


Lee Crawford 

Finance Manager

To discuss how we can improve your property management
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